I came across a blog post from Franca Sozzani, the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Italia and here was what she wrote about Commitment. This is an inspiring post for me.

Commitment, which translates into dedication, seriousness, keeping promises. But it also stands for responsibility. It’s a moral obligation and a sense of respect towards other people. In all fields. We make commitments during all our life. When we are students, at work, with our parents, with our children. Or better, we should make commitments and then, most of all, respect them. We make commitments every day, in theory, but then we tend to forget or simply let things go their way without the seriousness needed to make any commitment a serious one. 

Our effort in respecting a commitment or keeping a promise is sometimes bigger than our own mental and physical capacity. More often we blame anyone close to us, anyone but ourselves, and when we fail to respect a commitment we produce a series of excuses I wouldn’t even define lies, but the inability to come to terms with our responsibilities. 

When we make a commitment we need to evaluate carefully whether we will be able to carry out what we are asked to do. We should not accept because of the money or out of greediness, but being aware that we are responsible towards ourselves and other people. I mentioned respect, and I say it again, because we often forget the damage we cause when we fail to respect a commitment. Disappointing someone is one of the obvious consequences. Yet often we have to take on commitments that scare us because they oblige us to be more active, combative and determined. 

Talking with young photographers, fashion designers, editors, interns or aspiring journalists I am often told that the commitment they are required can be too much. It’s scary. But, no. Without overrating ourselves, we should all be more self-confident and take risks. 

Any commitment entails taking risks. Still today, after so many years of activity, every day I think I must keep what I promised, what I committed myself to. I take risks, and I am scared, but I never give in. I would never want to disappoint anyone, and especially myself.

Respecting a commitment throughout the years requires perseverance and determination. Each one of us has their own commitment, regarding our job, our education, our social role. 

Here’s another great post from her on expression admiration.

I am beginning to admire Franca Sozzani.


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