Yohji Yamamoto: This is my Dream

I find myself researching about Yohji Yamamoto and I thought that it would be awesome if I could share with you the people I admire and that inspire me with their professional journey and ideas.

Hailed as a genius and recognized for his radical innovations and craftsmanship, Yamamoto is a known for his visions in fashion.

My initial point of research started from Yamamoto’s retrospective exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum. What intrigue me most is the insight into some of the textile processes and techniques he uses in his collection.

And when asked about his attitude towards his work, his reply was:

I’m strongly breathing in craftmanship and the human hand. For example, when I stick with Japanese craftmanship for weaving, for sewing, for cutting, maybe I’ m touching a little bit of culture of the human being, human fingers … strongly. Mentally I’ m very far from mass production. So the meaning of American success, I’ m not very successful designer. In America success means fame and money. I think myself maybe famous in Europe, but money? I don’ t know. For me, comfortable profit is enough, to keep on going.

– Yohji Yamamoto, The Poet of Black

I hope you will enjoy a short documentary, where he opens up about his artistic motivations, his love of music, his aesthetic vision — following him through the entire creative cycle of a collection.

Yohji Yamamoto: This is my Dream



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