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Are you the Cinderella, the Venus or the Aristocrat?

“I have divided the women who have come to me into three categories: the Cinderella, the Venus and the Aristocrat.

The Cinderella takes a shoe smaller than size Six, the Venus takes size Six, the Aristocrat a Seven or larger.

The Cinderella, I have observed, is essentially a feminine person, a lover of jewels and furs, who must be in love to be truly happy.

Venus is usually of great beauty, glamour and sophistication, yet under her glittering exterior she is often essentially a home body, loving the simple things of life. Because these two characteristics are mutually contradictory, the Venus is often misunderstoof. People accuse her of too much luxury-loving and frivolity.

The Aristocrats are sensitive, even moody, but possess a great depth of understanding.”

(from S. Ferragamo, Shoemaker of Dreams, London 1957)

What are you?


3 thoughts on “Are you the Cinderella, the Venus or the Aristocrat?

  1. Nelissa Hilman says:

    Of course you can be a Cinderella and a Venus! And I think we have all these three qualities =) I'm testing if his theory is applicable across the board. Going to observe people's feet and shoe to test this ;-)

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